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Amenities (Tulsa Office Building)

Richmond Plaza offers a very large parking lot to accommodate all the needs of the people who visit this beautifully designed building. There are approximately 450 wide parking spaces available. There are plenty of nearby local & fast food restaurants and convenience stores such as Quiktrip. For a break, you can visit the La Fortune Park. Richmond Plaza offers an on-site snack bar that features a variety of fresh snacks for breakfast or lunchtime along hot and cold beverages.

Every tenant or employee who works at Richmond Plaza are given an access card for easy after hours and weekend entry to the offices located in the building. There is a large conference room on the 3rd floor of the building that is available for tenants to rent for monthly meetings or conferences, free of charge.

The Richmond Plaza has a security guard on duty during normal business hours between 7AM to 7PM; Monday through Friday. The well-kept lawn and flourishing flower arrangements outside give a warm and hospitable touch to this towering professional building. Both the north and south entrances of the Richmond Plaza have enclosed areas filled with indoor trees and green foliage plants that create an inviting terrarium for everyone entering the building to enjoy.
The On-site building engineer at Richmond Plaza is there to help if you have any malfunctions to your office equipment during business hours. There are plenty of annual events at the Richmond Plaza that all tenants take part in, including a Building Breakfast.

As a courtesy to all our tenants and their employees, The Richmond Plaza offers flu shots that are administered by the health clinic. Insurance is accepted for payment along with cash. Every year the local Red Cross visits the Richmond Plaza to give the tenants and their staff the opportunity to donate blood and help out our community.  

The Richmond Plaza has four high-powered elevators and a large service elevator available for those oversized loads due to moving in new tenants or deliveries. The East dock serves a great purpose for delivery truck drivers, or other personnel who have an oversized load to drop off at the location.

The Richmond Plaza property is managed by Case & Associates, one of the leading commercial real estate providers in the Tulsa area. Contact by phone  (918) 492-1983

Bank Facility and ATM – Located outside the north entrance of the building is an ATM furnished by Grand Bank. No surcharge required.

  • Ample Parking
  • Close to Convenience Stores, Fast Food, and Recreation
  • Snack Bar
  • Access Card System
  • Conference Room
  • Security Guard
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Indoor Terrariums
  • On-Site Building Engineer
  • Annual Tenant Appreciation Events
  • Annual Flu Shot Opportunities
  • Annual Blood Donation Opportunity
  • Elevators
  • East Dock
  • Property Management On-Site
  • Bank Facility and ATM